Just So You Know…A Westport based Nonprofit for Cancer Patients

March 28, 2012

by Gwen Baker

Westport mom Robin Weinberg is the founder of Just So You Know, Inc., a Westport-based nonprofit that helps cancer patients connect with loved ones through videotaped interviews. The tapes serve as a cherished record of the patient’s thoughts and dreams. Just So You Know was inspired by Weinberg’s friend, Dr. Gail Lynn Addlestone, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her baby girl. Faced with a devastating diagnosis, Gail’s first priority was to find meaningful ways to tell her daughter the things a little girl would eventually want and need to hear from her mom.

The foundation’s website has instructions for conducting oral histories, as well as conversation starter topics to help participants and interviewers prepare for interviews. After each videotape session, participants will receive a copy of their interview on DVD. www.just-so-you-know.org.

Robin Weinberg (left), and Gail Lynn Addlestone (right)

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