People talk about all sorts of things in their Recording Sessions, but mainly, they come together to connect with their loved ones and celebrate friendship, love, and life. Watch!

How It Works

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Just So You Know is a nonprofit organization promoting wellness for cancer patients through storytelling. Why? Because talking and listening makes everyone feel better. We bring our program to cancer centers, children’s hospitals, integrative medicine departments, patient conferences, survivors or support groups, residences, celebrations and fundraisers, athletic events and any place people with cancer come together.

Our staff will find a perfect spot to set up video cameras and help your patients and members have meaningful 30-minute conversations with their favorite people. After, we will send them DVDs and if they like, post videos online. For more information, please contact us.

If we don’t have an event near you and you would like to have your own recording session, ask about borrowing a JSYK@Home kit. It’s a box filled with everything you need to have your own recording session in your own living room.

You can also help educate and inspire others. Grab a camera or phone and record a short video story about living with cancer. Got a story about hair loss? Humor? Caregiving? Friendship? Being Married with Cancer? Send it to us and we may add it to our cancer shorts collection.