Want to share your Gift of Gab?

Here’s How:

  • Find out if an organization near you is hosting a JSYK event and contact them or us to sign up for a session.
  • No Program Near You?  Ask us about JSYK@Home.  It’s a box you can borrow with everything you need to create your video memoir at home.
  • Or just have a few minutes and a great story to tell?  Want to educate and inspire countless others? Grab your phone and record a short story about life or living with cancer.  Talk about hair loss. Cancer Humor.  Caregiving.  Friendship.  Marriage.  Submit your short video and we will review it and may post it in our Stories.

Getting ready for your session?

  • Choose the person or people you would like to talk to:  family, friends, colleagues, caregivers, doctors, nurses, whomever!  If you prefer, you can come alone (plenty of people do!) or ask our trained facilitators to interview you.
  • Review our Conversation Starters.
  • Come on your reserved time, sit, relax, talk and just be you.  
  • Afterwards, we will give you a flashdrive with your video, and if you give us the go-ahead, we may post excerpts of your video in our Stories.

So, what do you talk about?

We think the better question is, what DON’T you talk about?  What makes you you?  What are you favorite things and your pet peeves?  Divulge your family secrets.  Tell your partner or your brothers and sisters why you love them and why they bug you.  Have a heart to heart with your best friend.  Ask your parents about their childhood.  Talk to your children about friendship, careers, love, marriage or even shaving.

Share your stories about living with illness.  Talk about good days and bad days, what scares you and what inspires you.

Bring your prized possessions. Show photographs. Tell the stories behind them.  Let your family and friends ask you the questions they’ve always wanted to.  Tell them the things you’ve always wanted to tell them.

Basically, just talk about whatever is important to you.

And do it to your heart’s content.  Or 30 minutes, whichever comes first.

Hospitals / Organizations

Host a Just So You Know program
and give your members the chance
to record their stories and conversations.

What kind of organizations?

Patient Conferences, Cancer Hospitals, Integrative Medicine Departments, Pediatric Departments, Survivorship Programs, Fundraisers, Sporting Events, Celebrations  or any other group that provides services to people living with cancer


Anywhere in the United States.

How Many and How Much? 

We can plan a single day event or a longer term project, scheduled however you like.  We offer 30 minute recording sessions and can record up to 10 each day.  Fees begin at $2000/day.  Contact us for a customized price quote for your specific project.

What Do We Provide?

Videographers and Equipment, Trained Facilitators and Interview Coaches, Conversation Starter Kits to get those storytelling juices flowing.

What Do We Need From You?  

It’s pretty simple.  Just a room or space to record in, help signing up your patients or members (and their friends, family, colleagues or loved ones), and publicity to help spread the word!

After the Program:

We will send each participant a video link and a DVD.  If permitted, we will add their story to our website and give you a copy, too.

Have a small group that wants to participate and don’t need our staff and coaches to come to you?

Ask us about renting JSYK in a Box.