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From Robin Weinberg, co-founder.

We all have great stories to tell.  And we all know how hard it can be to find time to spend with our favorite people sitting and talking, reminiscing, asking question and listening to answers.

This is especially true once someone has been diagnosed with a serious illness.  And it often becomes a priority for them to try to find some way to find meaning in the experience, including a deeper connection to the people around them.

I saw this when my friend, Gail Addlestone, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was pregnant with her baby girl.  One of her main concerns was finding meaningful ways to spend time with her family and friends and to figure out how to tell her daughter the things a little girl would want to hear from her mom.

We accomplished both when we set up a video camera and sat and talked.  I interviewed Gail, asking her questions designed to get her to share her great stories – from big events to small moments, embarrassing things and important milestones.  We reminisced a lot, laughed even more and captured it all on video.

After, we dreamed up Just So You Know to give other people the time, space and help they’d need to record their conversations and moments on video.  It’s more than fun, rewarding, and deeply satisfying; it’s also been researched and shown that storytelling is a powerful, universal way to make sense of things, and can be especially therapeutic as part of coping with a life changing or threatening illness.

JSYK gives hospitals and cancer support organizations a way to offer a unique wellness program to their patients, and gives patients and their family and friends a way to laugh, reminisce, tell stories, make new memories  – and share their Gift of Gab.

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This Gave Our Family The Chance To Talk About Things Other Than Cancer

- Emily R.

Thank You for Helping Me Tell My Family How Grateful I Am.

I've always wanted to make a video telling my family how grateful I am to them. But couldn't find the time and place. So, thank you so much for being here and making it easy and possible for me.

- Marsha M.

Louise’s and Alice’s Testimonial

Thanks to Just So You Know for giving my mother Alice a chance to tell her life story!

- Louise and Alice

Barbara C.’s Testimonial

I made this video because my cancer has progressed and there is no more treatment. I wanted to create a video for my kids to give them something to remember me by. Hopefully I told them things they didn't know, but either way, I know they will have something they can watch and say "Hey, that's my Mom."

- Barbara C.

Mary Ann’s Testimonial

My husband I loved the chance to relive our lives together, talk about the big questions, and get to know each other better. It will make a wonderful momento for our children - and give them the chance to see the interaction between their mom and dad. I'm so grateful for the chance to leave this lasting memorial. Thank you!

- Mary Ann F.

Tarshia’s Testimonial

I was Just So You Know's first participant! And I'm so grateful. I never knew how badly I need to do this until I did.

- Tarshia B.

The Shinn family’s testimonial

This is such a great program. It gave us a chance to say things we wouldn't otherwise have said, and time to talk about things other than cancer, to focus on our family, not just Daniel's diagnosis.

- Daniel Shinn & Family

Cindy’s Testmonial

In this busy world, we don't usually take the time to reflect on our thoughts and lives. I believe that we all have stories to tell - and that future generations, my children, should be able to hear them. To know themselves better and to know me better.

- Cindy S.

Rosemary’s Testimonial

It is so important to families to see their loved ones and hear their voice. There is nothing like seeing someone on video - moving, talking, not just pictures, telling their own stories. This was a very rewarding experience for me.

- Rosemary H.

Family Testimonial

Our session was surprising, fantastic, weird at first, then natural and very fun. Very cool, and a great way to always remember all the things our family shares.

- A family of five

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